how the journey began

Drawing strength from qualifications in Public Health and a decade of experience of association with industrial units in an industrial area, the idea of starting a consulting organization in this niche area was born on late 1990s, resulting in ‘Occupational Health Services” coming in existence. However, soon with further exposure and experience in the rapidly evolving area of environment management in India, the concept expanded to include environment sector, and “ Occupational & Environmental Health Services” was established and registered in 2000, under the able leadership of its proprietor 

Dr Shubhendu Mudgal.

the progress

Since 2000, it has been a journey of slow and steady growth in this field, incorporating best practices
from the globe through working with the diverse leading organizations in India, South-East Asia,
Africa, Middle-East and Europe so far. . The experience has been drawn from working with the
International Organizations e.g. World Bank, World Health Organization, United Nations
Development Program, Canadian and British High Commissions, Governments of Cambodia, Tanzania
and Kuwait, Confederation of Indian Industry- Center of Excellence for Sustainable Development, key
consulting organizations e.g. ERM, TetraTech, IRG, Ecorys, Chilworth etc., certification bodies e.g. UL-
DQS, TUV-South Asia, DNV, and individual industrial organizations ranging from MNCs to MSMEs.
At the organizational level, starting as a “Lone Ranger”, our team now have a small but closely
related group of professional associates from the fields of Clinical care, Biostatistics, Public Health,
Sustainable Development, Human Nutrition, School health, Animal health, HSE regulations and
Education. The team also includes laboratory, spirometry, audiometry and IT technical support
The coverage of area for services spread gradually, starting from an industrial area in a city in Delhi
NCR, the coverage spread to other industrial areas in north and other parts of the country over next
five years, countries in South East Asia in next ten years and since last five years, the coverage has
increased to Africa, Middle East and Western Europe.

The future

We look forward to consolidate our position globally as a specialized public health consultancy organization providing services in the niche areas of occupational and environmental health to the governments, international development organizations, industries from diverse industrial sectors, educational institutions, consulting and the non-governmental organizations etc.